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Smart Data Management

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S4 provides a set of services for on-demand text analytics and metadata management in the cloud.

Proven text analysis services for news, life sciences and social media. Now you can reveal meaningful insights hidden in your text.

Access to knowledge graphs such as DBpedia, Wikidata and GeoNames. These knowledge graphs provide facts you can use to enhance your semantic analysis.

A scalable semantic graph database-as-a-service. Start interlinking entities discovered in text and building your own knowledge graphs.


S4 provides on demand access to text analytics, semantic graph databases and Linked Data technology in the cloud. You can start building Smart Data prototypes without the need for licensing, provisioning, installation and maintenance. Experiment more, experiment faster!


S4 is available at a fraction of the price of enterprise solutions. We offer tiered pricing based on the data volume processed by the text analytics services, or data volume managed by the graph database. You only pay for what you use and you can start at no cost with S4’s free tier.

Text Analytics

The S4 text analytics services can identify and extract entities from free flowing text and map them to reference entities in knowledge graphs. The services can also extract relationships between entities and categorise documents. Results are provided in JSON but can also be transformed into RDF and stored in the semantic graph database-as-a-service.


GraphDB™ is the semantic graph database (RDF triplestore) that powers S4. With GraphDB™ you can store, interlink and search entities extracted from the S4 text mining services, and create your private knowledge graphs integrating structured and unstructured data with facts from open knowledge graphs.

Knowledge Graphs

S4 provides access to popular open knowledge graphs / Linked Data such as DBpedia, Freebase/Wikidata and GeoNames. With Linked Data you can enhance your semantic analysis and provide users with important information about the entities extracted with text mining.


The text analytics services of S4 provide near real-time performance and can handle large volumes of documents of various types and formats. S4 also provides access to a highly scalable semantic graph database-as-a-service, which can accommodate your needs for large scale graph analytics and management.


What are you waiting for? Take a look and get results! Our documentation covers all you need to know to get an app up and running in minutes.


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